Boteler Racing at Maryland International Raceway (MIR)
Boteler Racing at Maryland International Raceway (MIR)
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We are a S/Pro Drag Race Team running a Ford Fairmont named "Smart Money" in NHRA & IHRA competition. 

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SEMA Member Since 2007
SEMA Member Since 2007
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26th Cecil County Dragway swap meet 

            Spring Racing Sale           
Ringer Shoes blow out deal $25.99 reg: $89.99
Muscle Car Air Cleaner kit 4" x 14" $24.95
HCJ Helmets
Product Engineering Fuel Pumps
Ringer Driver X Gloves  $57.99  Reg: $89.99

The web site was developed  to give our fans a focal point to reach us, keep sponsors updated, and to sell our products and services. 

Parts Catalog page has name brand products for the racers and auto enthusiasts. 

Corporate Marketing Program is for visitors looking to advertise their products and services through the race team which is not part of the Parts Business. They would be interested in: About us, What is Drag Racing, Marketing Objectives, Race Team, and Drag Racing De mographics.
"Think of us as your Promotional Marketing Arm". TM