PN# Item Description Pack Price
HD Oil Stabilizer Qtr
$ 14.99
$ 32.99
LO10003 LO10020 LO10013 Fuel additive lube
5.5 oz
$ 10.99
$ 4.50
$ 32.99
LO10005 Red/Tacky Multi-Purpose EP grease tube $ 5.49
LO10006 LO10010 LO10560 Gun oil 2oz               5G Pail   
$ 3.99      Call for prices
LO10008 LO10011 Power Steering Stop leak   12oz
$ 11.88      $ 22.69
LO10009 Trans Fix Stop slip 24oz $ 12.79
LO10012 Extreme Cold Fuel Treatment Qtr $ 11.49
LO10017 Universal Hydraulic Fluid   Gal $ 21.89
LO10019 Hydraulic Oil Booster/Stop leak Qtr $ 11.49
LO10021 Extreme Cold Fuel Treatment 64oz $ 17.99
LO10026 Octane Booster 15oz $ 8.99
LO10030 5th wheel & slider lube $ 8.79
LO10042 HP HD SAE 85/140 gear Qtr $ 7.99
LO10043 HP HD SAE 80/90 gear Qtr $ 7.99
LO10047 Synthetic Trans Diff lube SAE 75/90 Qtr $ 11.49
LO10052 Semi synthetic auto trans fluid   Qtr $ 7.39
LO10054 Synthetic 20 / 50 Oil Qtr $ 7.49
LO10063 Eng. Brake-In oil additive Qtr $ 13.19
Tool Box Buddy oil
Tool Box Buddy oil
$ 2.99
$ 7.09
LO10110 Semi synthetic 2 cycle oil 16oz $ 8.05
LO10118 High Mileage Stablizer 32oz
LO10121 SAE 75/140 Trans Diff lube Qtr $ 11.99
Pure Synthetic Oil Stabilizer
$ 15.59
$ 36.99
LO10153 Assembly Lube Semi synthetic Qtr $ 7.59
LO10155 Metal Polish 16oz $15.49
LO10160 Slick Mist
6 bottles
24oz   $ 8.95
$ 51.70
LO10177 Bio Medic Diesel Qtr $ 19.95
Racing Oil 20/50w
LO10252 LO10256 LO10257 LO10259 Case 6 Quarts
Case 2.5 Gallon
5 Gallon Pail
55 Gallon Drum
$ 42.99
$ 79.79

$ 944.79
Hi-Po Synthetic Race 20W-50
LO10179 LO10082 LO10049 LO10050 LO10054 Syn. SAE 0W-30
Syn. SAE 5W-20
Syn. SAE 5W-30
Syn.SAE 10W-30
Syn.SAE 20W/50
$ 8.49ea
$ 7.99ea
$ 7.99ea
$ 7.99ea
$ 7.99ea
LO10278 Eng. Oil Stop Leak Qtr $ 8.79
LO10301 Xtra HD grease tube tube $ 4.99
LO10314 LO10302 LO10303
      Fuel Stabilizer
$ 5.49
$ 7.49
$ 10.99
LO10330 xtra HD wheel grease 1lb tube 1-lb tube $ 6.49
Synthetic 0-20 Oil
Jr. Drags / Karting
5 qts
$ 7.99
$ 73.00
LO10393 Chain Lube, Spray Can Spray $ 7.99
LO10418 Multi Vehicle Trans Fluid Semi SYNTHETIC- Qtr $ 7.99
LO10430 Synthetic SAE 140 Racing Gear Oil Qtr $ 21.89
LO10456 L-9 Racing Gear Oil Qtr $ 25.49
LO104841 LO104843 High temp/low temp
friction-free racing grease
for qualifying and racing
Cse/10 Cse/30 $ 156.49
$ 468.99
LO10669 LO10512 Deep Clean Fuel System 5.25oz 
$ 6.87       $ 8.60
LO10513 Tire Shine
6 bottles
24oz    $ 8.95
$ 51.70
LO10514 Interior Shine
  6 bottles
24oz   $ 8.95
$ 51.70
LO10558 Slick Mist, Interior, Tire Shine microfiber towel & sponge Detail Kit $ 25.49
LO10460 LO10538 LO10539
LO10547 LO10540 LO10541
L9–Differential & Trans
L11– Qualifier Gear Oil
5qt Jug 2.5G           5G/pail
$ 28.99
$ 29.99
$ 29.99
LO10616 Racing Synthetic 20/50 5qt Jug $71.99
LO10626 LO10628 Engine Brake in SAE 20 Qtr          2.5G $ 7.49
$ 58.00
LO10630 LO10632 Engine Brake in SAE 30 Qtr
$ 7.49
$ 58.00
LO10635 LO10637 Engine Brake in SAE 20/50 Qtr
$ 7.19
$ 60.00
LO10645 Synthetic SAE 250 Race Gear Oil Qtr $ 21.89
Safeguard Ethanol Fuel Conditioner 5.25oz
$ 6.49 
$ 8.60 
LO10683 Hot Rod Classic Oil 20/40 w/ ZDDP flat tappen cams 5qtr
LO10684 Hot Rod Classic Oil 20/50 w/ ZDDP flat tappen cams 5qtr
LO10799 Contact Cleaner Non-Chlorinated $15.99
LO10865 LO10866 LO10867  LO10868 Anti-Gel Cold Weather Diesel Treatment Qtr      1/2 Gal
5 G Pail  Drum
Price List
Official Oil of NHRA

410.236.3715 or 410.876.6851
Selected products are included in our contingency program
Lucas Oil has sponsored a vast array of NHRA events since 2001 and has been the title sponsor for the; "Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series" since 2002. Lucas Oil continues to grow by adding product for the racer and auto enthusiast. 
Lucas Oil; We Boteler Racing Products are proud to offer Lucas Oil Brand. When you think of racing oil or caring for your daily ride the #1 brand is Lucas, because...."It's Works"
Lucas Oil Logo
Lucas Page Map
In the beginning, Forrest was a truck driver and Charlotte owned a hairstyle salon and when they got married, became owners of a nationwide long haul trucking fleet.

Given their personal experience first-hand; of break downs due to heat & stress on the trucks they saw a need for better lubricants and fuel treatments. So Forrest and Charlotte started Lucas Oil Products in 1989, producing a premium line of oils, greases and problem solving additives. Through an innovative R/D program and aggressive marketing programs, Lucas Oil established itself as a top selling additive line in the trucking, automotive, industrial and agricultural markets.

And to further establish themselves Lucas developed a line of high performance racing and gear oils. The racing products have proven themselves in NASCAR, NHRA, IHRA, USHRA and ATPA.

They continue to develop and refine their products and recently, came out with the "Hot Rod Classic Oil" for the Hi-Po engines of yester-year that needed the ZDDP additive for the flat tappen cam engines.
Lucas Contact Cleaner LO10799
Lucas Hydraulic Oil
Lucas Hydraulic Oil fluid increases life of hoses, rams & cylinder.
                 Key Benefits
Stops leaks & increases  pressure
Prevents major overhauls
Reduces heat
Increases equipment life
LO10019 - Booster / Stop Leake qtr
LO10017 - Universal Hydraulic Fluid
LO10799 Contact Cleaner
Compatible with metals and elastomers. It is especially effective to clean electrical parts exposed to oil, dirt & debris
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Gun Oil recommended by major firearms manufacturers, an all-weather product.
LO10006 - 2 Oz.
LO10010 - 5 Gal Pail
LO10560 - 55 Gal Drum
Lucas Assembly Lube: Eliminates dry starts, prevents seizing galling and scuffing. The Semi-Synthetic formula contains ZINC, MOLY.                                                              
Lucas Break-in oil additive: Protects camshaft lifters & valve train during engine break-in, excellent for flat tappet cams.                                                                             
Lucas Extreme Pressure Valve Train Synthetic Grease: contains special bonding agents that create a lubricant film between metal surfaces.

Lucas Engine Break-in Oil: The initial start up of a new engine is critical to its performance & life expectancy. How well and how fast the rings will seal could make the difference between winning and losing.
SAE 20w 
U.S. Measure             1 qt.       5 qt.     2.5 gal.   5 gal. Pail     55 gal.
Product Number     10626     10627   10628     10522          10629
SAE 30w     
U.S. Measure             1 qt.       5 qt.     2.5 gal.   5 gal. Pail     55 gal.
Product Number     10630     10631   10632     10633          10634
SAE 20W-50     
U.S. Measure              1 qt.       5 qt.     2.5 gal.   5 gal. Pail     55 gal.
Product Number     10635     10636   10637     10638          10639
Engine Building & Shop Products
Tool Box Buddy Use on nuts, bolts, hinges, bearings, guns, fishing reels,sliding doors,chains or home/shop.
LO10392 - Aerosol can
LO10370 - 1/2 oz bottle
LO10006 - Gun Oil 2 oz bottle
Lucas Engine building products
* Ground Shipping to Continental United States Only
* No P.O. Boxes
Lucas Anti Gel LO10865
Lucas extreme cold weather LO10021
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Fuel Treatments
LO10020 Fuel Treatment: gas or diesel

LO10670 Safeguard Ethanol Fuel Conditioner: correct issues using ethanol based fuels

Deep Clean: entire fuel system safe to use all engines.
LO10302 Fuel Stabilizer: prevent gasoline break-down during storage

LO10026 Octane Booster: gas 3x boost

For Diesel

LO10021 Extreme Cold Weather Fuel Treatment
Bio Medic for fuel system problem

Anti Gel Product designed to prevent cold filter plugging in diesel & bio-fuels.
LO10865 - 1 Quart
LO10866 - 1/2 Gallon 
LO10867 - 5 Gallon Pail 
LO10868 - 55 Gallon Drum
Fuel Additives
Motor Oil Can
Hot Rod & Classic Oil LO106683
High Performance Synthetic Racing 20W-50 is an excellent product that provides consistent viscosity needed for precision ET racing, Monster Truck, Oval, Tractor Pulls. 

Semi Synthetic 10W-40 is a blend of high quality base stocks and an exclusive additive that ensures minimum drag, extended engine life, longer oil life and easy cold weather starting. The PERFECT lubricant for both Gasoline and Diesel engines!

30 wt. Plus is a blend of high quality base stocks and an exclusive additives. Lucas 30 wt. Plus is designed to lower oil temperature and slow oil consumption. Extends the life of engines in race cars, lawn equipment, farm equipment where a superior 30 wt. oil is needed

15W-40 Magnum High TBN CI-4 Oil is a blend of high quality base oils and an additive package that allows extended drain intervals and a much higher protection from metal to metal contact.Great for Turbo Diesels
Synthetic blend Hi-Po 5W-20 oil developed for; JR. Dragsters, Quarter Midgets, and Karting, for high RPM naturally aspirated gasoline and alcohol engines.
● 10380 - 15 oz
● 10471 -  5 Qrts
Lucas Motorcycle Products
Lucas Hot Rod & Classic Oil
5 qt jug ZDDP value of 2100 PPM.
Available in:
   * LO10683 10w 40
      * LO10684 20w 50
Lucas HiPo Oil
* Ground Shipping to Continental United States Only
* No P.O. Boxes
Lucas Oil Products
Treat your engine right, with Lucas High Mileage Oil Stabilizer!
LO10001 Oil Stabilizer: 100% petroleum formulated to eliminate dry starts, reduces friction and heat.

LO10130 Synthetic Oil Stabilizer: 

LO10278 Eng Oil Stop Leak: additives designed to stop seal leaks.
LO10118 High Mileage Stablizer: slicker than oil, reduces heat, friction, sludge, raises oil pressure, and oil consumption. Additionally, a IDEAL ASSEMBLY LUBE
20/50 Plus Hi-Po Oil Developed through track testing the "PLUS" is for an extra additive package to specifically lowers oil temperature (up to 40° F) and stands up to racing fuel dilution at least 50% longer. The oil of choice by crew chiefs in  NHRA & IHRA.
LO10252 - Case 6 Quarts
LO10256 - Case 2.5 Gallon
LO10257 - 5 Gallon Pail
LO10259 - 55 Gallon Drum

Hi-Performance 4T Motorcycle Oil With MOLY is designed for Non Wet Applications. The unique moly chemistry provides maximum friction reducing properties in racing applications

Hi-Po Synthetic Racing 20W-50 provides consistent viscosity for ET racing. Blended with an additive package with anti-seize agents that controls drag but protects metal like heavy multi-viscosity oil.

LO10179 - Syn. SAE 0W-30
LO10082 - Syn. SAE 5W-20
LO10049 - Syn. SAE 5W-30
LO10050 - Syn. SAE 10W-30
LO10054 - Syn SAE 20/50
Lucas Gear Oil
LO10009 Transmission Fix
LO10009 Transmission Fix- A non-solvent formula eliminates most seal leaks. 
Key Benefits

* Stops slip, hesitation & rough shifting
* Lowers temperatures and stops foaming
* Add to existing fluid
LO10430 Synthetic SAE 140 Racing Gear Oil
Gear Lubricant is designed for high horsepower, high torque conditions.  Extreme pressure lubricants specially engineered for shear stability and the demands of severe racing conditions. Designed for the Top Fuel and off-road.
SAE 75/90 and 75/140 Synthetic Gear Oil Is a non-foaming, super slick, long lasting lubricant designed for HD or Hi-Po applications. It contains additives that cushions gears and resists "squeezing out" under extreme pressure and is specially designed to stand up to high temperatures without losing its lubricity.
Packaging 75/90
LO10047 - Quarts 
LO10048 - Gallons
LO10072 - 5 Gallon Pail 
LO10073 - 16 Gallon Keg 
LO10074 - 55 Gallon Drum
Packaging 75/140
LO10121 - Qt
LO10122 - Gal
Lucas grease
Lucas Grease
A true high temp/low temp friction-free racing grease for qualifying and racing, extreme friction reducer to minimize drag. G3 Racing Grease outperforms Kluber, Chevron, Mobil, Dupont.
LO104841 - 10 Pack 14oz.  
LO104843 - 30 Pack 14oz.
Power Steering Fluid
Power Steering Fluid
LO10008 - 12Oz
LO10011 - 1 Qt
LO10143 - 5G Pail 
LO10145 - 55G Drum 
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Lucas HD 80/90 and 85/140 is formulated with special anti-wear and lubricity agents to control drag and heat.
Packaging 80/90
LO10043 - Quart
LO10046 - Gallon
LO10066 - 5 Gallon Pail
LO10067 - 16 Gallon Keg
LO10069 - 55 Gallon Drum
Packaging 85/140
LO10042 - Quart
LO10045 - Gallons
LO10061 - 5 Gallon Pail
LO10062 - 16 Gallon Keg
LO10064 - 55 Gallon Drum
L9 and L10 Racing Gear Oils: Excellent thermal stability & longevity. Formulated with anti-wear, lubricity agents and a additives to control heat.
L11 Racing Gear Oil: Provides excellent thermal stability and longevity, special additives to control wear, drag and heat.

L9 -   LO10456- Differentials & Transmission
L10 - LO10460- Transmissions
L11 -LO10540 - Quick Qualifier Racing Gear Oil
LO10538 - 1QTR
LO10539 - 5QTR
LO10547 - 2.5 Gallons
LO10540 - 5 Gallon pails
LO10541 - 55 Gallon drum
LO10645 Synthetic SAE 250 Racing Gear Oil
Gear Lubricant is designed for high horsepower, high torque conditions. Use in trucks and pulling tractors to protect the differential during heavy shock loads and extreme temperatures
LO10558 Detailer Kit Slick Mist, Interior Detailer, Tire/Trim Shine, microfiber towel & tire sponge.
LO10160 Slick Mist polymer paint gloss intensifier; spray on a wet or dry surface wipe off, can be used on glass, chrome & vinyl decals.

LO10514 Interior Detailer spray on wipe off cleans protects plastic, vinyl, leather, rubber & metal. Works great on household furniture too!

LO10513 Tire & Trim Shine Removes dull grey oxidation from bumpers, tires, plastic, or rubber & vinyl trim
LO10155 Medal Polish cleans, polishes, protects aluminum & other metals including chrome, magnesium, stainless steel, silver, brass & gold.
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