Dwight Boteler
Questions and Comments
Bio; Get to Know Dwight
Home Town Westminter, MD
DOB March 29th
Sign Aries
Wife Betty
Pets                       Freddy Girl (Cat)
Crew Chief Don Sparr
Crew Bobby Dodge
Crew Betty Boteler
Food Italian
Music old time rock n' roll and country
Entertainer Elvis
Other I like to play chef, my favorite dishes to make are:
Breakfast Hotcakes, Waffles, French Toast
Appetizer crab bisque, bruschetta, coconut shrimp
Entre' lasagna, seafood w/ pasta, crab cakes, spare ribs, sour beef
Deserts cheesecake, cannoli, cookies, dark chocolate brownies, cup cakes, pies(lemon, pumpkin, apple)
Advice for aspiring racers: Learn as much as you can about the sport and just go do it
Worst Time of my life: When my dad passed away in 1985, and my mom in 2003

Best Time of my life:  Now, everyday
If I could meet anybody pass or present it would be: Leonardo DE Vinci (inventor, artist, visionary) and Robert E. Lee a man with integrity.

Best thing I ever done: Married my wife
Life Long Heroes: That would be my Dad and Mom, they accomplished so much with so little

Highlight: The opportunity to go to the Ford Motor Co. for the 100 year racing celebration

Modern Convenience can’t live without:
Electricity, it's funny when we lose electric at the house/shop I'll still go around turning on light switches.
Years spent in Sport: A long time
I got my start racing: In high school going to local tracks; Cecil County, York US30, 75/80, Mason Dixon, and Capitol Raceway

What I Love most about racing: The competition and the friendships.
Most embarrassing moment: While Staging at Cecil County, I rolled passed the beams and my rear tires were in the staging lights. Luckily this was during time trials, I had to backup and re-stage

Future goals:Try and do better at each race
I hope I never have to…..give up racing

Most admired racers: John Force, Bob Glidden, Dyno Don, and David Pearson
Toughest thing about racing: Loosing; when I know it was my fault

Best race car I ever had: I only had 2; a 66 Mustang and the current Fairmont and if I had to pick one, it would be the Fairmont.
Best racing advice: Don’t worry about the driver next to you, just focus on your own race
Hi all,

It's been real busy with the parts business and the fiberglass parts for the 64 Fairlane. As most companies; we have experience shortage on supplies but, lately it's been good.

Well see ya at the track!   
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Welcome to Boteler Racing Team page a SuperPro drag race team based in Westminster, MD campaigning a Ford Fairmont named "Smart Money" in NHRA & IHRA competition. Throughout the 2023 racing season we will compete in the Mid-Atlantic region. We are looking for a major sponsor in 2024, if interested in advertising with our team call 410.236.3715 Our Mission Statement:  "Promoting Businesses to Increase Their Sales" 
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